You are Lawyer, Legal Expert, Chartered Accountant, Auditor?

Or simply, you must number, “stamp” or “seal” documents before
transmitting or archiving ?

PdfStamper is for you !

No more need to print, manually stamp, scan documents
before processing them.

One click, and your document will be stamped and numbered
according to your wishes.

PdfStamper is a tool that allows the insertion and quick numbering of “Seals” or “Stamps” in a document type “. Pdf”.

The stamp may include an automatic counter, a date, a time, any text or picture … And you can compose your own.
And you can create as much as needed !

With PdfStamper, you will be able to:

– Open and manipulate multiple screen documents and automate the processing of multiple documents simultaneously.

– Create your own digital Stamps, for a multitude of uses:
• Parts and-or pages counter,
• Signature,
• Date of receipt

• Date of treatment

• etc …

– Use these stamps on the fly with a simple mouse click to stamp your documents.

PdfStamper also allows you to merge PDF, extract pages, and convert images to pdf very easily.